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Here Comes the Bride

Since the car cake, I really haven’t done much in the way of specialty baking and/or decorating. Fast forward 7 years, my hubby and I were planning our wedding. Considering we both had teenage boys, we didn’t have that big of a budget. We planned a simple but absolutely fun wedding. Anyway, I refused to pay out the money for a tiered cake. Knowing we were going to need one, I debated on what to do. I had walked into AC Moore one day (yipee! my favorite store!),  and they had a clearance table in the front. On this table was round wedding cake pans that were discounted so low, that it had to be a sign, I was making my cake!

Now I had to figure out how…how do you…

  • make a tiered cake
  • put the tiers on top of each other without them collapsing onto itself
  • use fondant
  • what the heck is a crumb layer?

I had a lot to learn! The internet was my friend! I researched and watched so many videos, that I think I dreamed of baking cakes! I made a smaller 2 tiered version as a practice one, then for my wedding made a large 4 tiered one (chocolate fudge cake!). I piped dots in bundles of 3, every 2 inches on the cake. My wrists were hurtin!

Everyone said I was nuts for taking that on, but I knew if someone else had done it, I (for some reason or another) wouldn’t be happy.

Now granted, I was a novice at this, I didn’t realize that the store bought fondant tasted like cardboard. I assumed that the chocolate cake and the buttercream icing under the fondant would “make” the fondant taste better. Thank goodness everyone was too polite to say anything, hopefully they didn’t even notice. Lesson learned!


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