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My neighbors have occasionally seen me carry cakes out of the house to go to destinations…so it would naturally be only a matter of time before I get asked the question, “Can you make my kid’s birthday cake?” I had fun with this one! First, I found a recipe for fondant…no more cardboard flavor here! I now make marshmallow fondant! My “little” neighbor Samantha was turning 6. Her father had just taken her to see  Transformers, so of course, she wanted Optimus Prime! I wanted to make the truck version of the cake, and I think Samantha wanted the robot version. So, I did both!  I made Optimus (robot version) completely out of fondant.

Ahhh, takes me back to my Play Doh days! (except this time you could eat this Play Doh! I originally was going to have him sit on the truck, but decided against it. So I baked a vanilla cake, and just layed him on it. I think I baked 4 cakes for this, 2 chocolate, and 2 vanilla. Obviously one cake went toward the robot version. The rest went toward the truck. The cab of the truck was entirely made out of chocolate cake. I stacked the chocolate on itself, and carved away. The back of the truck was vanilla. Again carving like crazy! Buttercream icing makes a great glue! If you carve too much, you can glue it back on with buttercream! Except for a couple of toothpicks holding some pieces together, the entire cake was edible!

4 boxes cake mix
2 dye kits
2 lg buttercream icings
5 bags mini marshmallows
5 bags confectioner’s sugar
3 days worth of work

But I did learn something from this…marshmallow fondant doesn’t dry as quickly as store bought fondant. I think it took 2 days for the robot version to dry so I could handle him…box fondant would’ve taken overnight. Lesson learned!


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