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I love planning a cake. It’s almost as fun as actually making it! Right now I’m planning 2 cakes. One for this Saturday, for a charity function and my niece’s 2nd birthday cake (in March). Let me explain the charity one first.

Our school district has every senior do a “Senior Sem Project” I’m not totally sure what this entails, I’ll know next year, but from what I’ve noticed, alot of them have a charity theme. How would you as a student raise awareness and/or raise money for a charity. There is a senior this year doing a baking contest. It’s called  “Sweets for Smiles” It’s to raise awareness about cleft palette. All proceeds are going to Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non profit organization the gives free cleft palate surgeries.

Now, I’m not entering to win…if that were the case, I’d make a big fancy cake. That is not the plan for this. I am going very simple. I thought I’d make the insignia for Operation Smile. Short, sweet, and to the point. I just thought that was a great cause, and I wanted to contribute!

Now for my niece’s cake…this is where I really have fun! Last year I made her an Elmo cake (you’ll see this in an upcoming post) This year, I think we’re leaning towards a Princess theme. Oh the ideas that are swimming around in my head! I’ve googled, and googled, and I have an idea on what I want to do, I just need to get it approved by mom. I’d like to do either a princess castle with maybe a princess or 2 made out of modeling chocolate (this will be a first)  Or I found a gorgeous Princess Merry-go-Round. But I have plenty of time for this one…I say this now…wait until February 28th…I’ll be freaking out! But I’ve included a small picture of my ideas…whatever I make I’ll be sure to post!


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  1. Hey Linda, Love the cake blog. I have made a few for the girls etc too. I just did the carousel for Rhianna’s 5th birthday carnival and it came out great. good luck

    • Thanks! It’s something that really relaxes me (and dirties my kitchen!!) I remember you posting pictures of the carousel cake, looked great! We definitely need to get together one day and catch up!


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