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Darth Vader

While preparing for my niece’s birthday, we found out her cousin was going to have a birthday, on the same day as Audrey’s party. So that he didn’t feel left out, I made him a cake too. I found out he liked Darth Vader. So, I stacked 2 cakes, and baked a cake in an aluminum bowl, and carved away! I ended up making Darth’s head.  Now, instead of starting with white fondant and dying it black, this time I made my marshmallow fondant, but I added cocoa powder. So now I had dark brown fondant, that I had to dye black. A LOT easier going from brown to black, then white to black. At the time, to make it shiny, I rubbed it with shortening. I’ve since been reading and have found that I need to invest in a portable clothing steamer. Apparently that is what the professionals use to make fondant “patent leather” shiny!


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just trying to get through life as I know it. Everyone has their own story, their own challenges...these are mine.

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