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A New Surprise!

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I’ve been planning my niece’s cake. What started out as a Princess theme, has changed to Caillou. (Hopefully we’ll do princess next year!) Well, my hubby is a great airbrush artist, and I’ve really been wanting to learn, so that I could airbrush cakes. I couldn’t use hubby’s airbrushes, for obvious reasons of using a brush that had paint run through it, on something someone was going to eat. So I had to wait till we have extra money to buy an airbrush. As luck would have it, a friend of his who also airbrushes, had a brand new airbrush that he didn’t need. He asked hubby if he could use it, he said, “No, I can’t, but my wife can!” And, it was the best price it could be… FREE! 🙂

So now I am a proud owner of an Iwata airbrush! I have the best teacher in the world to teach me how to use it! We started going through exercises so I get used to how it works. So, now my upcoming cakes will now have an airbrushed touch to them!

Caillou, get ready for airbrushed cheeks! 😉


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