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What started as a princess theme, ended up as Caillou. That’ s okay, we all change our minds! I’m just hoping that eventually I’ll get to make a princess cake!

So, how to make a Caillou cake geared towards a little girl? That was my challenge. I researched and researched, and the one I found had a girly cake, with the Caillou characters on or around it. Okay, now I know my plan.  Because my kids are 15 and 16, I have no clue who Caillou is, or anything about him. So, YouTube, here I come! Well as any parent knows…after one or 2 episodes…ok, I was done! Watching Caillou was NOT for me! haha! So I look for pictures…most of the pictures I find are of 5 kids and a cat. Since I couldn’t sit through more than 2 shows, I really don’t know who is who. Meaning who besides Caillou and the cat, who is important in the show. (yes, I was being ignorant, but, it works out better for my beautiful niece!)

I started making Caillou out of fondant. After I made him, his red headed friend, and his sister, I realized they were taking too long to dry, therefore, they were wrinkling, or slouching, and just not up to my standards.  I forgot I was supposed to use gumpaste. It dries quicker, therefore, no wrinkling or slouching! So the old wrinkled characters went into the trash (and Tommy’s belly!) and I got ready to start over.

Round 2! I made all of the friends and cat out of gumpaste and they look so much better! Now I’m happy with them!  Since I was playing with gumpaste, I punched out  flowers and leaves for my other niece’s Christening cake, but that’s another post!

In the meantime, my wonderful hubby, who knows I’ve been wanting to learn how to airbrush, but needed a brand new brush (didn’t want to use a brush that had paint going through it!) had come home  with a brand new airbrush! I was excited! Tom made me do an array of starter projects. This way I could learn my new toy, and know how it works. He says I’m a natural! (I think he’s just being nice!) So, needless to say, Caillou and friends all got airbrushed blushed cheeks.

I also wanted the cake to taste great…not just good. So, This one was devil’s food with a homemade cookies and cream filling…yummy!

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  1. For someone who didn’t know who all those characters were, you certainly did a great job! After all, as the Mom who literally knows almost EVERY Calliou episode, I’m a pretty good judge! The cake turned out beautiful and Audrey LOVED it. Princess cake for next year, I promise…she will know who they are by then 🙂

    FYI- The cat is Gilbert, Caillou is the Charlie-Brown look-alike, the Black girl is Clementine, the Red-head is Leo and the little Asian girl is Sarah.

    Thank you, thank you! You rock!


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