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Grace’s Christening Cake

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When I started this one, I had an idea in mind. I wanted it to be:

  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Religious
  • Girly
  • and of course it must taste good!

I had found a picture of one I loved. It was a white cross with a pale pink border. I thought, here’s my chance to use my new airbrush! I’ll airbrush the pink border! Hilarious!

I baked the vanilla cake, and filled it with homemade lemon mousse. Four freshly squeezed lemons, the zest of one…well, you get the idea, out of this world! I icing-ed it with buttercream, and made it perfectly smooth. I now have to attempt the airbrush. I “drew” my border, and was ready to fill it in. But remember, I need it PALE pink. Well, I must’ve put too much dye in the vodka (yes, you dilute it with Vodka…it evaporates!) and I noticed it was a little dark, so I was trying my best to put it on lightly. My hubby wakes up at this point, and I ask his opinion. He noticed the streaks on the cake, and starts to attempt to even it out. Well, in order to even anything out, you’ve got to put more on there…before I could say no, and explain that I wanted it pale pink, the border of the cake was hot pink!

Now I’m taking the icing off of the cake (well, the hot pink icing at least) and re-icing the cake. Okay, forget it, it’s staying a solid color. The airbrush is now out of the equation! Now what the heck do I do with a plain cake. Thank goodness I think ahead, and I had bought edible white pearls. I took that hot pink icing, (which is now in a cup) toned it down till it was pale pink, and went around the border with pink dots, and white pearls. I also did this on the middle border. Drew my stems, and used the flowers I had punched out when I made the Caillou cake. I think it turned out pretty good considering the bumpy road.

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