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I’ve been working (mentally) on a couple of treats for Easter. At first all I was going to do was a lemon mousse for dessert…well, one is NEVER enough for me! In May, I’m making a wedding cake to feed 150, and I’ve been given free reign…hehehe! Well, I wanted to use new recipes, but you can’t just bring a new recipe to a wedding without ever trying it, right??!? So this brings me back to Easter. I’ve decided to try one of the new recipes… a white chocolate cake with a raspberry buttercream filling…yummy! I’ve wanted to fancy it up, so I plan on making an Easter Tree on the cake with Mr. and Mrs. Bunny on it. Then of course, that’s not enough.

So I was scouring Martha Stewart’s website, heck, if she can do it, so can I! Right?? We’ll see! I’m planning on making chocolate eggs, wait for it….in the actual eggs! So last night, I poked holes, used a dremel to make the holes bigger, poked another hole, and blew! Then boiled the empty eggs in a mixture of vinegar and water, then dyed the shells. I’m currently waiting for them to completely dry. Once that is done, I have bought a wonderful assortment of melting chocolates (all different flavors and colors!) I’m going to melt the chocolate and pour! I really hope this turns out the way I pictured it!

So what started out as a simple lemon mousse, has turned into 3 homemade desserts!

  1. The original plan of lemon mousse
  2. White chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling with handmade fondant bunnies and tree
  3. Homemade chocolate eggs inside real egg shells!

I cannot wait to see how these come out. Hopefully they are as pretty as as flavorful as they are in my head!


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