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The Easter Bunny Came!

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We had a great time with family this year. We had a total of 14 people sitting at our table this year! That’s a lot of mouths to feed! Our ham was delicious, as was the rest of the food! The deviled eggs, macaroni salad, German potato salad, and of course the desserts!!

The Easter Bunny came and went this year, and left us some delicious goodies! We had the eggshells that were filled to the brim with chocolate (some with vanilla!) and had a ganache filling! Talk about creamy, rich, to die for chocolate eggs!!! (I needed a BIG glass of milk with one of them!) We even had someone bring us a centerpiece that has a 16 inch chocolate bunny on it!

I made a cake in hopes of testing the recipe for a wedding cake coming up. As it turns out, the cake is waaay too spongy, so the cake recipe will be out, but the icing recipe on the other hand, I just may use! But I do have to say, the cake was delicious, it was a white chocolate cake, and it had a raspberry buttercream filling! I made fondant/gumpaste bunnies to sit under an Easter egg tree! To go along with the fresh fruit theme, I made a fresh lemon mousse, that was made with homemade whipped cream. Everything was a hit, bellies were full, quality time was spent. What else could you ask for?!?

I hope everyone had a Happy and Healthy Easter!

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