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Irish Wedding Shower

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A co-worker of mine, Tim, is getting married in a few weeks. We decided to throw him a little wedding party of sorts.  I was volunteered to make the cake! On the wedding invitations was a Claddagh. So, I wanted to go with the Irish theme. I found a delicious Chocolate Irish Whiskey Cake recipe.  I also spoke to his brother, Joe, and found out that both Tim and Colleen like to camp. I decided to do a camping scene on the top of the cake! The cake is iced with a whipped cream icing, but that is not a good foundation for camping…right? So I crushed up chocolate in the food processor, and put that on the top. Now it looks like we’re on dirt! I made trees out of upside down sugar cones, and a firepit, with a tent. I also made cute “wooden” signs. The top one saying their names with a heart. The other ones saying various romantic things, like happiness, XOXO. I also hand-made the Claddagh out of candy melts. I originally was going to put it on the side of the tent, but it was just too overwhelming there. But it looks just as well on the side of the cake! It turned out really cute, I can’t wait to deliver it!

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