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Beach Themed Wedding Cake

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I am 2 days out from delivering a wedding cake that’s to feed 150, and I am exhausted. I’ve been baking and making fillings all day long. The cake will be a total of 3 cakes that are 2 tiers each. Each cake will be a different flavor! One will be chocolate with a buttercream filling, another cake will be vanilla with a lemon mousse filling, then the third cake will be white chocolate with a raspberry buttercream filling.

One day before wedding:
The wedding is going to be in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ, therefore it couldn’t be more appropriate that it has a beach theme! All of the cakes are covered in fondant. I did a mixture of homemade marshmallow and Satin Ice. Only because the marshmallow (in my opinion) holds up better, because it’s thicker. I then rolled out strips of burgundy fondant, and ringed the bottom of the cakes. Today I decorated 2 of the cakes…I used brown sugar as sand, and “glued” on shells, sand dollars, starfish, and seahorses. I made these last week out of candy melts. This was my first time using candy melts, so it was fun experimenting with them, and of course eating them!

Tomorrow I will decorate the last cake, and off we go to Avon-by-the-Sea!
Decorating the last cake didn’t take too long. I packed up my repair kit, and the cakes, and off went. The drives are strenuous on both me and my hubby when we’re transporting cakes. I yell at him about his driving, telling him to drive like a granny, and he has to put up with me. He says he’s going to get a sign made for my car, “Cakes on Board”!

We made it there in record time. One and a half hours. We were able to put the cakes in the restaurant’s fridge while we got a quick bite to eat. Right before the wedding started, we put the cakes out on the stand, it looked great! After the beautiful bride and groom were married (in a pavilion on the beach!) We made our way back to the restaurant and the cake was a hit! The bride and groom gently fed each other, and we danced all night long.

Congratulations to Sara and Joe! May you have the happiness you deserve!

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