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Surprise Bridal Shower

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For those of you that do not know, I work in my local school district. I recently was asked by the curriculum director to make a cake for my boss, the technology director. My boss is getting married next month, and they wanted to throw her a bridal shower.
My boss absolutely loves desserts, so I knew no matter what I made, I couldn’t go wrong! I went simple with this. A homemade chocolate cake with a buttercream filling, covered with a marshmallow fondant. I found a great silhouette online of a couple embracing, and thought that would make a wonderful topper! I had a really hard time with the topper, because I needed it to completely dry so it would stand up. Well, if you live anywhere in South East Pennsylvania, you know that it has been raining for almost 2 weeks straight! Therefore the humidity levels have been through the roof. Nothing dries! The background for the topper I originally made out of fondant a week before the due date…it still wasn’t dry as of 2 days before. So I remade the background this time using gumpaste. I was even concerned with that. I was prepared to make the background out of cardboard, and cover it with fondant. Luckily the gumpaste one had dried in time. (The fondant one was still wet the night before!) The delivery went flawlessly. The cake looked beautiful!

Congratulations Kristen and Pete!

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