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Up until this point, my cakes have been “gifts”. Which for family members, I do not mind doing this. But I am getting more and more people asking me to make cakes for them. But I absolutely hate bringing up the subject of money (I need to work on this!) and I didn’t realize as I’m sure the “normal” public doesn’t realize how much fondant cakes cost. I looked this up the other day out of curiosity, and on the insistence of my son, Joel. Here’s what I learned. For a cake iced with Buttercream, depending on the design, they can go for $2.50 – $4.50 per serving (an example of this type of cake would be the christening cake that’s on here.) For a cake covered in Fondant, again depending on design, they can go for $3.50 – $5.50 a serving. That would be pretty much every other cake on my blog. Now here’s where reality kicks in. The wedding cake I did was to feed approximately 200. Considering the candy shells that were all hand made, I would have to go to the top of the scale with this. So, technically, this cake would have cost $1,100. Let me give you more realistic examples. The baby shower cakes, both had fondant booties, and fondant decorations, these would have been $90 each. The christening cake was done in buttercream, this would have been approximately $80.

I love to do this, I love to give them to people, I love to see the look on people’s faces when they first see it, first take a bite. If people are anything like me, I’m cheap, and I would NEVER pay this much for a cake. That is exactly why I started making these cakes. Now you see my dilemma. I hate talking money to anyone, but the more and more I make cakes, I think I need to “grow a pair” and start giving out quotes, and if it is going to cost me from making a cake, then I guess, I just won’t make that cake.

Here’s to me learning how to speak up, and charge people for my cakes. Wish me luck!

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just trying to get through life as I know it. Everyone has their own story, their own challenges...these are mine.

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  1. that a girl you!!! guess you missed ‘my morning Joe’ this morning about knowing your worth. Can’t pay the Peco bill with thanks!!!! Doing a great job


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