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Grace Turns One!

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My youngest niece turns one today! Happy Birthday Gracie!! We celebrated her birthday yesterday, as I think mom and dad are taking the girls to a Phillies game today! I love 1st birthdays! I love to make the cake especially for the birthday child for them to smash and get their first taste of a cake. The look on their faces of , “what the heck is this on my hands” is priceless. Then it turns to them  realizing, “OMG this is absolutely delicious!”  Then finally they get tired, and start to rub their little eyes, not knowing any better that they will get icing in those precious baby blues (or browns as it may be!)

I know that normally the 2nd child in a family doesn’t get the spectacular showing that the first child gets (not saying that you guys are doing this H&R, it’s just a fact!!) I wanted Grace to be able to look back at pictures (sorry H- hubby has NO idea how to work your video camera!) and realize that I had a great cake like my sister Audrey did! Each cake has it’s own little personal meaning. For Audrey, she had a little gater on the smash cake…that was mom and dad’s nickname for her, as she was adopted out of Florida. Now Gracie was a full sibling, so she came from Florida too…but I couldn’t have both cakes with the Florida Gator colors. And besides, mom and dad nick named her Lemon. For her cute little lemon head! So this cake had a lemon theme! All of the cakes were lemon with a raspberry filling, iced with lemon buttercream. As you’ll see I made Grace’s cake look like a lemon slice. The adult cake I made look like her birthday invitations, but I added chocolate butterflies! I was soooo glad they held up! I thought they were going to melt! I had fun designing this cake and making the butterflies and learning all sorts of new things! Oh I almost forgot! With the leftover cake from when I leveled it, I made lemon shaped (and flavored) cake pops! Oooh were they good!


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