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I know, I know. This is odd to see a post about family, instead of cakes. But there’s a connection, just wait.

Family helps you through things, helps you accomplish things. My husband, Tom is the greatest person to bounce ideas off of. He will give you his honest opinion, and help you figure out the best way to do things. I have 2 boys, Joel (17) and Tommy (16). They are the normal high school teenage boys, trying to find their way through life. My father was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer that has metastasized to his lungs. He has a hard time getting around, but he certainly does try.

I have a wedding cake lined up in 2 weeks. Not your normal wedding cake, the couple wants a small cake for them to cut, and smash in each other’s face carefully feed each other. Then they want cupcakes and cake truffles. Now where’s the connection you ask?? I need to make something that will hold all of this. I saw this and had to have it! It was perfect! But…not at that price! So here’s where the family comes in. I wanted needed that stand! So I figured that I needed to make a pattern out of paper first. Luckily the website gives me the dimensions of the platforms. I just needed to figure out the rest! So I draw my circles on paper, and Joel (who loves math) helped me figure out what the height and length of the separaters should be. So all this gets drawn and cut out. Today, hubby and I run to Home Depot to buy MDF for this project. Well… I thought we were buying MDF. Remember what I said about hubby?!! He made me realize that MDF would be heavy as…well you know what I’m saying. So we went back and forth on what this should be made out of and came up with 1/2 in plywood. Not the normal knotty splinter causing plywood, but the nice smooth almost decorative plywood. No, I have no idea what the proper name of it is.

So we come home, and hubby helps me trace everything on the wood, and cuts the wood up into smaller, more manageable pieces. I throw them in my trunk, and off to use dad’s basement. He has all the great woodworking toys you could think of! He knew I wanted to use his tools to cut everything out, so he was ready for me! I unload the trunk, and stack everything in the basement. Now, in the past when I’ve used dad’s basement, he would always leave me alone, and go upstairs. I would do my thing and then leave. This time, I’m telling dad what I’m doing, and he decides to stay downstairs with me, and actually help. It was great. Dad helped me with all of it, and showed me time saving tips.  Now that I know his time is limited, it was especially great spending time with him.

Well between my entire family, we made my stand that I had to have! Now, understand that I still need to paint it, but I really wanted to post this now, to express my gratitude to my family. Thank you all for your help. Without you, this would never would’ve come to fruition!

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