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Any Excuse for Cake is a Good Excuse to Me!

Not too long ago, my boss achieved a great goal. She went from Ms. Swanson, to Dr. Swanson. I thought that this would be a great excuse for cake! (who wouldn’t??!??) So my co-workers and I put together a little lunch for Kristen, and this cake was born! Chocolate cake, filled with cream cheese icing, iced with chocolate ganache. Topped with chocolate leaves, decorated with cranberries.

Funny story about this cake. In order to make the leaves, I had to collect leaves, and paint the chocolate on the backs of them. I had my collection, and had come home for lunch. While I was home, I decided to quickly paint them and let them dry while I was in work. So, I left with them on a baking sheet drying. I passed hubby on my way back in. He was on his way home to eat lunch. A few minutes later I get a text, ” You could have told me the chocolate leaves had the real leaves under them…ewwww”

Haha, I thought he was joking! Here hubby actually tried a leaf! He just saw chocolate and decided to get the munchies! I love my hubby and his love for chocolate!

Congratulations Kristen! I mean, Dr. Swanson!

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