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Just recently, I was reading Facebook (like I do everyday!). I noticed a fellow baker, Cakes by Kim had posted a picture of a cake they made, the caption said something about them donating this cake to Icing Smiles. I was curious, so I decided to look up Icing Smiles. Here this is a wonderful organization that gets bakers like me to sign up, and donate our time and ingredients to make  a fancy cake for children with critical illnesses, and their siblings. I think this is a wonderful idea. I immediately signed up!

This is not in particularly for kids in the hospital, they can be at home. They just to have a critical illness to qualify. And I love the fact that they include their siblings! Lord knows how much the siblings sacrifice for the sick child. (mom and dad’s attention, they have to be sooo patient!)

Well I received my first email the other day. Not to make a cake yet, but a Welcome Aboard email. I am so excited about putting a smile on a face of a child, even if it’s in their mind, because they just feel like crap.  Or to just make them (both the child and sibling) forget their worries for even just minute, while they look in awe at the cake. I cannot wait to officially become a

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