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Joel’s 18th Birthday

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So, if you’ve been following me, you should know I have 2 boys. My oldest Joel, and my stepson, Tommy. They are 1 year and 2 weeks apart. Yesterday was Joel’s 18th birthday. Yes, my baby has grown up, he leaves for college in 10 days. I can’t believe it has been 18 years since I was rushed to the hospital in Jersey. Just to be told to go home, straight home, do not pass go. This way I could be closer to home when I gave birth. Eighteen years since I was the most scared in my life, because his heart rate kept dropping and they prepped me for a C three times. Scared because I was a mother…at 17. If I had to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. He has taught me so much these past 18 years…Things about motherhood, things about myself. He was the best thing that has ever happened to me. If I had to pick one thing he has taught me, I’d have to say it is patience. I had NONE before him. I also learned (as every mother does) to be selfless. Life was no longer about myself, nor would it ever be again.

Now here I am buying things for a dorm room. Helping him pack to move away. I haven’t really let it set in yet. I don’t want to let it set in yet. And when the day comes to move him in, I will be strong and not let him see how I feel, because I have to be strong…for him. So he sees that it’s okay to move on, and spread his wings.

Each cake I make for him, is as unique as him. This year I made a layered turtle cheesecake. Basically it had a sweet pecan crust, with a layer of chocolate cheesecake, some caramel and chopped pecans, then it had a layer of regular cheesecake, topped with chocolate ganache and chopped pecans…Heaven.

Here’s to Joel…Happy birthday. I am very proud of you. Have fun (not too much!!) at Widener University. I know you will make me even more proud!


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