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Dots Birthday!


I was asked to make a Dots cake for our superintendent’s birthday. Apparently Dots is a major food group for her! I wanted to have it be a polka dotted cake inside, but I’ve never tackled that. So trial cakes I make…and they looked like they had the measles. All of the polka dots rose to the top. Horrible! I posted my issue on Facebook, to a great group of people called Shop Bakers Nook. After a few days, I had a new recipe. More trial cakes (5 in total) trying out different suggestions, and finally I got it! Now of course, knowing me, I have to take things one step further. I wanted each dot to have it’s own flavor, green be lime, yellow- lemon, you get the idea. So I left the water out of the recipe, and divided the batter up in 5 equal parts. I zested what I could in fruit, and juiced them (oranges, limes, lemon) I bought frozen strawberries, and let them thaw out. So in place of the water in each bowl, I put in the zests and juices. For the strawberries I used the juiced from when they thawed, then I chopped up the strawberries and mixed that in. When all of the balls were half baked, I made the cake batter and put the balls in there and prayed, for an hour that it wouldn’t have the measles! Imade the fondant and butter cream while that was baking, then made most of the little parts.

Whew, yes this took me all day, Literally! I was in the kitchen from 12-8 doing all of this .

The next night was the fun night! The pan I baked it in was huge, so time to cut it in half and stack. My mother in law bought me a really neat tool for Christmas. I can’t find a picture of it, but picture a completely flat frying pan, now put a bent handle on it. It’s meant for moving cakes, that was my best friend! So time to put it together and decorate! I love that hubby got me an airbrush. It lets me put the tiny details on a cake that I normally wouldn’t be able to!


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