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Audrey’s 4th Birthday/Easter

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My beautiful niece turned 4 a week before Easter this year. Her mom decided instead of getting the entire family together twice in 2 weeks, that we would celebrate her birthday along with Easter. (Smart move mom!) But Audrey did want to take cupcakes into pre-school to celebrate her birthday with her friends. (something I never got to do for my kids, because their birthdays are in August) So I gladly made her tie-dye  spring themed cupcakes. I played with candy clay for the first time making these. The butterflies and flowers were both made of chocolate. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be…unless I got my measurements wrong when I made it.

Audrey asked for a Little Einstein’s themed cake. More specifically Leo and the Rocket. Knowing it was going to be on Easter, I only made a small 6 inch chocolate cake. I made the rocket out of RKT, then covered it in fondant. Because I hold Easter, I had a lot of preparations to do.  I was only going to make Leo…but at the last minute, I had a few free hours, so I made the other characters as well.

When Audrey came over for Easter, she gave me a hug hello, and asked where her rocket cake was…She then proceeded to say, “Aunt Linda, you’re the best cake maker!”  This is the reason on why I do this!  Later that night, she did warn me…”Aunt Linda, next time I want a Scooby Doo cake” .  So there’s my order, a year in advance. I’m sure it will change 10 times before then. Happy 4th Birthday Audrey.


I try to make special treats for Easter. I found some REALLY cute things online everywhere! I picked 2 things and ran with it! The first one, was carrots. (original design~Hostess with the Mostess) What I found online was sugar cones baked with cake inside of them. I gave it my own twist and stuffed the cones with cake truffles, then dipped them in orange chocolate. With the leftover cake truffles, I made “eggs”.  The carrots were good…but I will stick with the recipe I found, for next year. It was way too sweet for my taste! I’m sure the kids enjoyed the sugar high though! The second thing I made was chocolate chicks! (original design~Hungry Happenings) These were chocolate chicks with candy on the inside. These were too stinking cute! To go along with the chicks, I made chocolate nests. You’ll see in the pictures everything was too cute!


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