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A very dear friend of mine contacted me on Facebook not too long ago. Her granddaughter was turning 2, and she wanted a special cake for her. This wasn’t going to be for the all of the friends and their parents, but rather only for immediate family. Her only request was Tinkerbell. Everything else is up to me. I love it when people let me do my own thing. My mind just wanders to the different possibilities! I jumped from one possibility to another, and finally decided…NO…I cannot make Tinkerbell from gumpaste, everything I made looked nothing like her! I would need a mold…and I was just not in the mood to find a mold. So I found the next best thing. A Tinkerbell cake topper with a number 2 on it! It was perfect, and the only non-edible thing on the cake! I hear it was a hit, and everyone loved it! I hope you like it too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton!

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Peyton’s Birthday!

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I have a very good friend who has a sweet and sassy granddaughter! I made Peyton’s Tinkerbell birthday cake last year…click here to see it. This year, they were having her birthday at an aquarium! How cool is that!?? So “Under the Sea” theme it is! This cake was really fun to do! I researched salt water fish, and made a bunch of cool looking fish, they were hand made from gumpaste. The shells and starfish are all made of candy.  For some reason, WordPress will not let me turn the images so you can see them right side up, so this will have to do. 😦