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Noah’s Ark

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A co-worker of mine was about to become a first time grandmom. How exciting is that!?! She wanted a cake that was as special as her first grandchild. They wanted the baby to be a surprise, so they didn’t know the gender. I was asked to make a Noah’s Ark themed cake to match the crib sheets! This was a blast making all of the animals, it was also a HEAVY cake! I had to deliver in 2 pieces and set up on location. The cake itself was chocolate with Oreo buttercream icing/filling…Yummy!!

Sadly, I cannot flip these either ­čśŽ


Peyton’s Birthday!

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I have a very good friend who has a sweet and sassy granddaughter! I made Peyton’s Tinkerbell birthday cake last year…click here to see it. This year, they were having her birthday at an aquarium! How cool is that!?? So “Under the Sea” theme it is! This cake was really fun to do! I researched salt water fish, and made a bunch of cool looking fish, they were hand made from gumpaste. The shells and starfish are all made of candy. ┬áFor some reason, WordPress will not let me turn the images so you can see them right side up, so this will have to do. ­čśŽ

Audrey’s 4th Birthday/Easter

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My beautiful niece turned 4 a week before Easter this year. Her mom decided instead of getting the entire family together twice in 2 weeks, that we would celebrate her birthday along with Easter. (Smart move mom!) But Audrey did want to take cupcakes into pre-school to celebrate her birthday with her friends. (something I never got to do for my kids, because their birthdays are in August) So I gladly made her tie-dye ┬áspring themed cupcakes. I played with candy clay for the first time making these. The butterflies and flowers were both made of chocolate. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be…unless I got my measurements wrong when I made it.

Audrey asked for a Little Einstein’s themed cake. More specifically Leo and the Rocket. Knowing it was going to be on Easter, I only made a small 6 inch chocolate cake. I made the rocket out of RKT, then covered it in fondant. Because I hold Easter, I had a lot of┬ápreparations┬áto do. ┬áI was only going to make Leo…but at the last minute, I had a few free hours, so I made the other characters as well.

When Audrey came over for Easter, she gave me a hug hello, and asked where her rocket cake was…She then┬áproceeded┬áto say, “Aunt Linda, you’re the best cake maker!” ┬áThis is the reason on why I do this! ┬áLater that night, she did warn me…”Aunt Linda, next time I want a Scooby Doo cake” . ┬áSo there’s my order, a year in advance. I’m sure it will change 10 times before then. Happy 4th Birthday Audrey.


I try to make special treats for Easter. I found some REALLY cute things online everywhere! I picked 2 things and ran with it! The first one, was carrots. (original design~Hostess with the Mostess) What I found online was sugar cones baked with cake inside of them. I gave it my own twist and stuffed the cones with cake truffles, then dipped them in orange chocolate. With the leftover cake truffles, I made “eggs”. ┬áThe carrots were good…but I will stick with the recipe I found, for next year. It was way too sweet for my taste! I’m sure the kids enjoyed the sugar high though! The second thing I made was┬áchocolate┬áchicks! (original design~Hungry Happenings) These were chocolate chicks with candy on the inside. These were too stinking cute! To go along with the chicks, I made chocolate nests. You’ll see in the pictures everything was too cute!

Dots Birthday!


I was asked to make a Dots cake for our┬ásuperintendent’s birthday. Apparently Dots is a major food group for her! I wanted to have it be a polka dotted cake inside, but I’ve never┬átackled┬áthat. So trial cakes I make…and they looked like they had the measles. All of the polka dots rose to the top. Horrible! I posted my issue on Facebook, to a great group of people called Shop Bakers Nook. After a few days, I had a new recipe. More trial cakes (5 in total) trying out different suggestions, and finally I got it! Now of course, knowing me, I have to take things one step further. I wanted each dot to have it’s own flavor, green be lime, yellow- lemon, you get the idea. So I left the water out of the recipe, and divided the batter up in 5 equal parts. I zested what I could in fruit, and juiced them (oranges, limes, lemon) I bought frozen strawberries, and let them thaw out. So in place of the water in each bowl, I put in the zests and juices. For the strawberries I used the juiced from when they thawed, then I chopped up the strawberries and mixed that in. When all of the balls were half baked, I made the cake batter and put the balls in there and prayed, for an hour that it wouldn’t have the measles! Imade the fondant and butter cream while that was baking, then made most of the little parts.

Whew, yes this took me all day, Literally! I was in the kitchen from 12-8 doing all of this .

The next night was the fun night! The pan I baked it in was huge, so time to cut it in half and stack. My mother in law bought me a really neat tool for Christmas. I can’t find a picture of it, but picture a completely flat frying pan, now put a bent handle on it. It’s meant for moving cakes, that was my best friend! So time to put it together and decorate! I love that hubby got me an airbrush. It lets me put the tiny details on a cake that I normally wouldn’t be able to!

Dora the Explorer

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It was my niece’s birthday once again! I always look forward to both of my nieces’ birthdays! I really get to make some really neat cakes. This year Audrey was turning 3 and wanted Dora the Explorer. So Aunt Linda came to the rescue and made what I think was a really neat cake for her. Her requirements were (obviously) Dora, Swiper, and a few other characters (I can’t remember off of the top of my head, because this cake was a couple of months ago!) Anyway, all the characters were made from gumpaste, and I hand painted the sky and forest.

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A very dear friend of mine contacted me on Facebook not too long ago. Her granddaughter was turning 2, and she wanted a special cake for her. This wasn’t going to be for the all of the friends and their parents, but rather only for immediate family. Her only request was Tinkerbell. Everything else is up to me. I love it when people let me do my own thing. My mind just wanders to the different┬ápossibilities! I jumped from one possibility to another, and finally decided…NO…I cannot make Tinkerbell from gumpaste, everything I made looked nothing like her! I would need a mold…and I was just not in the mood to find a mold. So I found the next best thing. A Tinkerbell cake topper with a number 2 on it! It was perfect, and the only non-edible thing on the cake! I hear it was a hit, and everyone loved it! I hope you like it too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton!

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Hungry Caterpillar

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The hungry caterpillar baby shower cake was for a co-worker of mine back in March. They wanted nothing fancy, but this was one of her favorite childrens’ books. Mind you I work with teachers, so of course this HAD to be book themed! (in my mind of course!) I cut the butterfly out of gumpaste. After it dried, I hand painted the butterfly. When comparing it to the butterfly in the book…I┬ádon’t┬áthink I did half bad! Especially considering it was my first time doing a painting like that! I’ve never read the book before this. My┬ániece┬ámisplaced her copy, so I went to the good ole’ standby…youtube. I found a wonderful version on there that has the actual pages from the book! So I listened and watched. It didn’t take me long to realize that everything he ate, he left a hole in! So everything I made had of course, a hole in it!

Welcome to this world Jackson Arthur!

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