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1st Holy Communion

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My neighbor asked me to do her son’s First Holy Communion cake. It was great, because Kieran came over to my house, and we went through pictures of my cakes, and we looked on the internet. He picked out exactly what he wanted! Talk about a kid who knows what he wants in a cake! So this is Kieran’s design! Congratulations Kieran!

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Happy Birthday Sofia

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Remember for Audrey’s birthday, I made tie dye cupcakes for her to take to school? Well, I had some extras, and took them to work. (hey the key to getting skinnier is to make everyone fatter, right?!? šŸ˜‰ ) Well, because of those cupcakes, I got an order from a teacher to make her daughter’s birthday cake. She wanted a cake exactly like the cupcakes…Tie dye cake, with a springy feel…grass, flowers, etc. I was having a hard time deciding what to do with the sides of the cake. The cupcake, I did nothing, because it had the springy liners. So I decided to experiment with chocolate…I poured chocolate into a sheet pan, and ended up making slats of wood! It looked very cool! Hopefully WordPress will allow me to flip these photos, so you can see them correctly!!

Peyton’s Birthday!

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I have a very good friend who has a sweet and sassy granddaughter! I made Peyton’s Tinkerbell birthday cake last year…click here to see it. This year, they were having her birthday at an aquarium! How cool is that!?? So “Under the Sea” theme it is! This cake was really fun to do! I researched salt water fish, and made a bunch of cool looking fish, they were hand made from gumpaste. The shells and starfish are all made of candy. Ā For some reason, WordPress will not let me turn the images so you can see them right side up, so this will have to do. šŸ˜¦

Dots Birthday!


I was asked to make a Dots cake for ourĀ superintendent’s birthday. Apparently Dots is a major food group for her! I wanted to have it be a polka dotted cake inside, but I’ve neverĀ tackledĀ that. So trial cakes I make…and they looked like they had the measles. All of the polka dots rose to the top. Horrible! I posted my issue on Facebook, to a great group of people called Shop Bakers Nook. After a few days, I had a new recipe. More trial cakes (5 in total) trying out different suggestions, and finally I got it! Now of course, knowing me, I have to take things one step further. I wanted each dot to have it’s own flavor, green be lime, yellow- lemon, you get the idea. So I left the water out of the recipe, and divided the batter up in 5 equal parts. I zested what I could in fruit, and juiced them (oranges, limes, lemon) I bought frozen strawberries, and let them thaw out. So in place of the water in each bowl, I put in the zests and juices. For the strawberries I used the juiced from when they thawed, then I chopped up the strawberries and mixed that in. When all of the balls were half baked, I made the cake batter and put the balls in there and prayed, for an hour that it wouldn’t have the measles! Imade the fondant and butter cream while that was baking, then made most of the little parts.

Whew, yes this took me all day, Literally! I was in the kitchen from 12-8 doing all of thisĀ .

The next night was the fun night! The pan I baked it in was huge, so time to cut it in half and stack. My mother in law bought me a really neat tool for Christmas. I can’t find a picture of it, but picture a completely flat frying pan, now put a bent handle on it. It’s meant for moving cakes, that was my best friend! So time to put it together and decorate! I love that hubby got me an airbrush. It lets me put the tiny details on a cake that I normally wouldn’t be able to!

American Citizenship

I work in our local school district. For a few years now I’ve known Ralston. He’s aĀ Jamaican gentleman who always calls me Miss, with that strong Jamaican accent!Ā Well, Ralston did something the other day, that I don’t think 3/4 of Americans can do…He passed the American Citizenship test.
I was asked by a teacher if I would make his cake. I knew I had the perfect cake in mind. I made the American Flag cake, with the red and white petal effect. I then took the leftover cake, and made red-white-and blue cake pops. Each one flavored a different flavor.

Congratulations Ralston, job well done!

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Young Wedding

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I met a wonderful woman this past September. We have become fast friends. Miriam asked me if I would make her daughter’s wedding cake. I was thrilled! I met with Julie and Tim at Miriam’s house, they are a very cute couple! Ideas bounced around, they knew they wanted something different, and after a little bit… they decided! Cake truffles! They had 4 flavors! Peppermint, lemon, vanilla, and cookies and cream. Their cake that they cut consisted of fruit! Oooh did it look delicious! It had a lemon curd filling, and was topped with strawberries, kiwi, grapes, blackberries, and blueberries. They had the cutest cake topper too! Legos! They had a lego bride and groom. I’ve never seen anything like this, it was very original!!
I totally forgot to bring my camera when we dropped them off, so we used hubby’s IPhone…the pics aren’t too bad!

Congratulations Julie and Tim. I wish you both many years of happiness!

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Blue – Cookies and Cream
Green – Peppermint
White – Vanilla
Yellow – Lemon


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A very dear friend of mine contacted me on Facebook not too long ago. Her granddaughter was turning 2, and she wanted a special cake for her. This wasn’t going to be for the all of the friends and their parents, but rather only for immediate family. Her only request was Tinkerbell. Everything else is up to me. I love it when people let me do my own thing. My mind just wanders to the differentĀ possibilities! I jumped from one possibility to another, and finally decided…NO…I cannot make Tinkerbell from gumpaste, everything I made looked nothing like her! I would need a mold…and I was just not in the mood to find a mold. So I found the next best thing. A Tinkerbell cake topper with a number 2 on it! It was perfect, and the only non-edible thing on the cake! I hear it was a hit, and everyone loved it! I hope you like it too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Peyton!

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