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Dots Birthday!


I was asked to make a Dots cake for our superintendent’s birthday. Apparently Dots is a major food group for her! I wanted to have it be a polka dotted cake inside, but I’ve never tackled that. So trial cakes I make…and they looked like they had the measles. All of the polka dots rose to the top. Horrible! I posted my issue on Facebook, to a great group of people called Shop Bakers Nook. After a few days, I had a new recipe. More trial cakes (5 in total) trying out different suggestions, and finally I got it! Now of course, knowing me, I have to take things one step further. I wanted each dot to have it’s own flavor, green be lime, yellow- lemon, you get the idea. So I left the water out of the recipe, and divided the batter up in 5 equal parts. I zested what I could in fruit, and juiced them (oranges, limes, lemon) I bought frozen strawberries, and let them thaw out. So in place of the water in each bowl, I put in the zests and juices. For the strawberries I used the juiced from when they thawed, then I chopped up the strawberries and mixed that in. When all of the balls were half baked, I made the cake batter and put the balls in there and prayed, for an hour that it wouldn’t have the measles! Imade the fondant and butter cream while that was baking, then made most of the little parts.

Whew, yes this took me all day, Literally! I was in the kitchen from 12-8 doing all of this .

The next night was the fun night! The pan I baked it in was huge, so time to cut it in half and stack. My mother in law bought me a really neat tool for Christmas. I can’t find a picture of it, but picture a completely flat frying pan, now put a bent handle on it. It’s meant for moving cakes, that was my best friend! So time to put it together and decorate! I love that hubby got me an airbrush. It lets me put the tiny details on a cake that I normally wouldn’t be able to!


Mardi Gras Topsy Turvy

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This post is a long time coming, Yes, I’ve been baking, but so much has been going on that I haven’t had time to write any posts. I will try to catch up over the next few days, at least with posting pictures.

This cake was for a Sweet 16 party. They wanted a Topsy Turvy Mardi Gras cake. The masks were made of gumpaste. There were also  truffles to go along with it. This was my first time making a topsy turvy cake. And boy did I learn alot! This cake was so heavy that it had to be delivered in pieces! But it made it!


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Clark Baby Shower

This is a monkey themed baby shower cake. The design was taken from the crib bedding called Mod Pod Pop Monkey. This was for an old friend that I haven’t spoken to in 13 years! (or rather for her grandson that will be here soon!) The cake itself was a carrot cake. It has the cream cheese filling, then I flavored the marshmallow fondant with a cream cheese flavoring. Yummy!

Welcome to this crazy world John David Clark!


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Grace Turns One!

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My youngest niece turns one today! Happy Birthday Gracie!! We celebrated her birthday yesterday, as I think mom and dad are taking the girls to a Phillies game today! I love 1st birthdays! I love to make the cake especially for the birthday child for them to smash and get their first taste of a cake. The look on their faces of , “what the heck is this on my hands” is priceless. Then it turns to them  realizing, “OMG this is absolutely delicious!”  Then finally they get tired, and start to rub their little eyes, not knowing any better that they will get icing in those precious baby blues (or browns as it may be!)

I know that normally the 2nd child in a family doesn’t get the spectacular showing that the first child gets (not saying that you guys are doing this H&R, it’s just a fact!!) I wanted Grace to be able to look back at pictures (sorry H- hubby has NO idea how to work your video camera!) and realize that I had a great cake like my sister Audrey did! Each cake has it’s own little personal meaning. For Audrey, she had a little gater on the smash cake…that was mom and dad’s nickname for her, as she was adopted out of Florida. Now Gracie was a full sibling, so she came from Florida too…but I couldn’t have both cakes with the Florida Gator colors. And besides, mom and dad nick named her Lemon. For her cute little lemon head! So this cake had a lemon theme! All of the cakes were lemon with a raspberry filling, iced with lemon buttercream. As you’ll see I made Grace’s cake look like a lemon slice. The adult cake I made look like her birthday invitations, but I added chocolate butterflies! I was soooo glad they held up! I thought they were going to melt! I had fun designing this cake and making the butterflies and learning all sorts of new things! Oh I almost forgot! With the leftover cake from when I leveled it, I made lemon shaped (and flavored) cake pops! Oooh were they good!


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Graduation Cake

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I had a friend ask me to make her son a graduation cake… but this is NOT your ordinary graduation cake. She wanted to make it personal, and her son keeps Madagascar hissing cockroaches as pets. So a hissing cockroach it was. Mom then asked me to make it with red velvet, you know, to make it more realistic. He also went to the local technical school for plumbing, so, a plunger appeared next to the cockroach 😉
Everyone loved it! He brought out his one of his cockroaches out to compare…they looked identical!

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Sailboat Baby Shower

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This one was for a co-worker of mine. Her sister is expecting a baby boy in a few months. The bedding was my inspiration!

Congratulations Kunze Family!

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My Dilemma

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Up until this point, my cakes have been “gifts”. Which for family members, I do not mind doing this. But I am getting more and more people asking me to make cakes for them. But I absolutely hate bringing up the subject of money (I need to work on this!) and I didn’t realize as I’m sure the “normal” public doesn’t realize how much fondant cakes cost. I looked this up the other day out of curiosity, and on the insistence of my son, Joel. Here’s what I learned. For a cake iced with Buttercream, depending on the design, they can go for $2.50 – $4.50 per serving (an example of this type of cake would be the christening cake that’s on here.) For a cake covered in Fondant, again depending on design, they can go for $3.50 – $5.50 a serving. That would be pretty much every other cake on my blog. Now here’s where reality kicks in. The wedding cake I did was to feed approximately 200. Considering the candy shells that were all hand made, I would have to go to the top of the scale with this. So, technically, this cake would have cost $1,100. Let me give you more realistic examples. The baby shower cakes, both had fondant booties, and fondant decorations, these would have been $90 each. The christening cake was done in buttercream, this would have been approximately $80.

I love to do this, I love to give them to people, I love to see the look on people’s faces when they first see it, first take a bite. If people are anything like me, I’m cheap, and I would NEVER pay this much for a cake. That is exactly why I started making these cakes. Now you see my dilemma. I hate talking money to anyone, but the more and more I make cakes, I think I need to “grow a pair” and start giving out quotes, and if it is going to cost me from making a cake, then I guess, I just won’t make that cake.

Here’s to me learning how to speak up, and charge people for my cakes. Wish me luck!