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Noah’s Ark

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A co-worker of mine was about to become a first time grandmom. How exciting is that!?! She wanted a cake that was as special as her first grandchild. They wanted the baby to be a surprise, so they didn’t know the gender. I was asked to make a Noah’s Ark themed cake to match the crib sheets! This was a blast making all of the animals, it was also a HEAVY cake! I had to deliver in 2 pieces and set up on location. The cake itself was chocolate with Oreo buttercream icing/filling…Yummy!!

Sadly, I cannot flip these either ­čśŽ


Hungry Caterpillar

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The hungry caterpillar baby shower cake was for a co-worker of mine back in March. They wanted nothing fancy, but this was one of her favorite childrens’ books. Mind you I work with teachers, so of course this HAD to be book themed! (in my mind of course!) I cut the butterfly out of gumpaste. After it dried, I hand painted the butterfly. When comparing it to the butterfly in the book…I┬ádon’t┬áthink I did half bad! Especially considering it was my first time doing a painting like that! I’ve never read the book before this. My┬ániece┬ámisplaced her copy, so I went to the good ole’ standby…youtube. I found a wonderful version on there that has the actual pages from the book! So I listened and watched. It didn’t take me long to realize that everything he ate, he left a hole in! So everything I made had of course, a hole in it!

Welcome to this world Jackson Arthur!

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Clark Baby Shower

This is a monkey themed baby shower cake. The design was taken from the crib bedding called Mod Pod Pop Monkey. This was for an old friend that I haven’t spoken to in 13 years! (or rather for her grandson that will be here soon!) The cake itself was a carrot cake. It has the cream cheese filling, then I flavored the marshmallow fondant with a cream cheese flavoring. Yummy!

Welcome to this crazy world John David Clark!


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