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1st Holy Communion

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My neighbor asked me to do her son’s First Holy Communion cake. It was great, because Kieran came over to my house, and we went through pictures of my cakes, and we looked on the internet. He picked out exactly what he wanted! Talk about a kid who knows what he wants in a cake! So this is Kieran’s design! Congratulations Kieran!

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Young Wedding

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I met a wonderful woman this past September. We have become fast friends. Miriam asked me if I would make her daughter’s wedding cake. I was thrilled! I met with Julie and Tim at Miriam’s house, they are a very cute couple! Ideas bounced around, they knew they wanted something different, and after a little bit… they decided! Cake truffles! They had 4 flavors! Peppermint, lemon, vanilla, and cookies and cream. Their cake that they cut consisted of fruit! Oooh did it look delicious! It had a lemon curd filling, and was topped with strawberries, kiwi, grapes, blackberries, and blueberries. They had the cutest cake topper too! Legos! They had a lego bride and groom. I’ve never seen anything like this, it was very original!!
I totally forgot to bring my camera when we dropped them off, so we used hubby’s IPhone…the pics aren’t too bad!

Congratulations Julie and Tim. I wish you both many years of happiness!

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Blue – Cookies and Cream
Green – Peppermint
White – Vanilla
Yellow – Lemon

New Website!

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I have a new website! I will still continue to update this blog though! I just wanted to share it with you. All of the pictures are more centralized than trying to go through this blog and find the pictures! I hope you enjoy it!

I also have a new email address! If you need to contact me, please email me at (it’s a zero, not an oh)

Don’t forget to check out my website!



Sam and Jim’s Wedding

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I was asked to make Sam’s wedding cake awhile back. She’s a simple girl, like me. Know’s what she wants, and untraditional! I love that! She had asked me to make a small cake for them to cut and smash…and cupcakes for the crowd! I asked if she had a topper…she asked me to find one where she’s dragging Jim. (Did I say I like this girl?!?) I suggested truffles along with the cupcakes…they were a hit! I made both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes; and chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet truffles. They wanted their color theme to be white and black with a hint of red. I think I hit it for them. This is what I had needed the special cake stand for! It looked beautiful once I had it all set up!

To Jim and Sam, Congratulations! May you have a long and happy marriage!

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Cake Truffles

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Yesterday a friend calls and asks us to come over tonight for a cookout.┬áAbsolutely! I love a good BBQ (and of course the drinks that go along with it!) We asked what we should bring…chips, pretzels and dip. Hmmm. Now this is okay, but come’on! I love to bring a little sweetness too! Well, I’ve been wanting to try to make these. I maybe offering to make these for a wedding but I wanted to try my hand at it first.

Some people call them cake balls, I found it is appropriate to call them cake truffles. So that’s what I’m calling them. It sounds “cleaner” than cake balls. Yes I know, sorry I have a dirty mind. So truffles it is!

Oh My God…have you EVER tasted these! I made 3 flavors, lemon, strawberry and vanilla. I just tried the strawberry and it was to die for! I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

So…instead of just chips, pretzels and dip. I’m coming armed with chips, pretzels, dip and cake truffles!

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