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Happy Birthday Sofia

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Remember for Audrey’s birthday, I made tie dye cupcakes for her to take to school? Well, I had some extras, and took them to work. (hey the key to getting skinnier is to make everyone fatter, right?!? 😉 ) Well, because of those cupcakes, I got an order from a teacher to make her daughter’s birthday cake. She wanted a cake exactly like the cupcakes…Tie dye cake, with a springy feel…grass, flowers, etc. I was having a hard time deciding what to do with the sides of the cake. The cupcake, I did nothing, because it had the springy liners. So I decided to experiment with chocolate…I poured chocolate into a sheet pan, and ended up making slats of wood! It looked very cool! Hopefully WordPress will allow me to flip these photos, so you can see them correctly!!